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How To Encrypt Files

If you are just trying to password protect files:

  1. Click the "Browse..." button and select the file you want to encrypt. You can select multiple files by holding SHIFT or CTRL.
  2. Enter a password (longer passwords with letters, numbers and symbols are much more secure, but aren't forced) into the box.
  3. Press the "Enter" key or click "Encrypt".
  4. Wait for it to encrypt.
  5. A file will be saved. This file is the encrypted version of your file. Note: If you are using the Flash version of this website, you will need to click the "Save" button to save the encrypted version. This is due to certain restraints implemented in newer versions of Flash.
  6. Make sure it decrypts with the password you put in (just in case you entered your password incorrectly).
  7. Delete the original, unless...

If you are trying to hide a file from a tech-savvy users, the main concern is them recovering it from the hard drive:

  1. Securely delete the file. In Windows, you can use a program called "Eraser". On OS X, you can move the file into the Trash Can and choose "Finder -> Secure Empty Trash". On Linux, you can use the "shred --remove" command.

If you are trying to encrypt a lot of files, or files that are very large, then I suggest using TrueCrypt. An article on setting that up can be found at How-To Geek.